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Streets of Nippon (65772 words) by readerofasaph
Chapters: 16/16
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Atobe Keigo, Oshitari Yuushi, Niou Masaharu, Yukimura Seiichi, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Sakaki Tarou
Summary: A Prince of Tennis alternate universe, set in a SF setting with cyberpunk elements. When one of Shin Tokyo's oldest runner syndicates forms an unexpected alliance with the government authorities, Atobe Keigo finds himself caught in the middle of a political game that will determine the future of the country - and of his life.

/ducks head in shame/ So a very small minority of you may remember me starting this cyberpunk AU.....back in 2005 and updating it at the rate of about two chapters every two years since....basically, it's finally done, s-sob. /is fairly sure that if she is not holding the Tenipuri fandom record for slowest WIP writer ever....then she is probably in the top three at least..../

Also on Livejournal for people who prefer to read there.
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Title: Getting There
Author: [personal profile] vital
Characters: Kirihara Akaya, Zaizen Hikaru, Yukimura Seiichi.
Summary: They have bigger shoes to fill than what they would have liked, and with the way things are going, he idly wonders whether they are going to be ready soon, if at all.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: General. Just some introspection about the future and a little bit of tennis from Kirihara's POV.

( The end of the U-17 camp has only ever highlighted one thing in Kirihara's eyes. )
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Title: Hearing the Ocean
Author: [personal profile] adevyish
Characters: Yanagi, Inui, other Rikkai characters
Summary: Yanagi Renji's life has two parts: Sadaharu, and after Sadaharu.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: PG, gen, 9200 words. Extra warning for math geekery. Beta'd by [ profile] xelyssa and [personal profile] thursday; concrit would be great.

“Whatever,” Inui said, smiling. “Now that we’re doubles partners forever, you have to call me ‘Sadaharu’, o.k.?”
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Title: Hanabi
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Saeki/Yuuta
Summary: They're probably not going to make it to watch the fireworks, but then, the fireworks really aren't that important.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Adult. Smut, with incidental goldfish. For a round of drabble_game, prompt: "The night, lit up." 1001 words.

The goldfish is going to require years of therapy.

Title: The Boy Who Had Been Raised By Swans
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Yuuta, Mizuki, Ryouma
Summary: Swans can be difficult to live with.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: General audiences. This was written for [ profile] bedtimepuri and I don't think I ever crossposted it here. Sort of "The Ugly Duckling" meets Prince of Tennis and sort of not. Kind of more reminiscent of [personal profile] readerofasaph's Puss in Boots than anything else, but maybe not as mindbendingly awesome as that fic is. 2154 words.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had been raised by a family of swans, and he was very angry about it.
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Just a quick fic dump for the last of my [ profile] cliche_bingo fics!

Title: Variations on a Theme
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Fuji Yuuta, Saeki Koujirou
Summary: Three versions of Yuuta and Saeki's thing, done just a little differently.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Teen. For the prompt "Genderswap." 1446 words.

Three kinds of genderswap.

Title: Quarantine
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Mizuki Hajime and Fuji Yuuta
Summary: It's going to be a long week.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Gen. For the prompt "Quarantine." 614 words.

"This is an outrage," Mizuki-san proclaimed, and while he seemed to feel that many things were outrageous--the cafeteria's food, Aniki, and certain shades of pink, for example--Yuuta was with him on this one.
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Streets of Nippon - ch. 7 (of a probable twelve)
Characters: The story is told from Atobe's POV, but literally features a cast of dozens. This chapter: Atobe, Taki, Momoshiro, Oshitari
Wordcount: 3400
Summary: In a city of the future where criminal organisations and the authorities co-exist in uneasy tension, the leaders of rival syndicates must deal with their pasts and act to bring about the future they wish to see. This chapter: In which Seigaku's hand is revealed, Oshitari gratuitiously angsts as per usual, and Taki is actually useful for once.

(“As long as I live, you will not find me working with or for the government of Shinnihon. Is that very clear? I really don't have time to waste talking to you. ”

He turned to walk away, but Momoshiro reached out and caught his arm. “I want a reason.”

Earlier chapters
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Title: Conjunctive Forces
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Yamato Yuudai, Yukimura Seiichi
Summary: Yamato is getting at something, and Yukimura is humoring him until he figures out what it might be.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: For [personal profile] jetsam on this, her birthday. Spoilers by implication for chapter nine of the new manga. 1023 words.

"If you go on thinking that hard, you'll turn your hair white."
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Characters: Oshitari, Yagyuu, Niou.
Summary Five years before the events of SoN, Oshitari and Yagyuu are studying at medical college, when the precognitive Niou Masaharu arrives to disrupt their lives.
Notes Sidestory to the Streets of Nippon cyberpunk AU, which I recommend that people read before they read this story.
Wordcount: 6500 words.
Warnings: Violence; some coarse language.
Notes: Somewhat first-drafty, especially towards the end; I welcome any concrit people may have to offer.

(That was the problem, he thought, you could never just make a suggestion to Hiroshi; you had to somehow convince him that he had thought of it all by himself, and all the better if you gave the impression that it was something you didn't want him to do, and really, Oshitari wasn't his mother, so what was with that attitude?)


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