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Streets of Nippon (65772 words) by readerofasaph
Chapters: 16/16
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Atobe Keigo, Oshitari Yuushi, Niou Masaharu, Yukimura Seiichi, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Sakaki Tarou
Summary: A Prince of Tennis alternate universe, set in a SF setting with cyberpunk elements. When one of Shin Tokyo's oldest runner syndicates forms an unexpected alliance with the government authorities, Atobe Keigo finds himself caught in the middle of a political game that will determine the future of the country - and of his life.

/ducks head in shame/ So a very small minority of you may remember me starting this cyberpunk AU.....back in 2005 and updating it at the rate of about two chapters every two years since....basically, it's finally done, s-sob. /is fairly sure that if she is not holding the Tenipuri fandom record for slowest WIP writer ever....then she is probably in the top three at least..../

Also on Livejournal for people who prefer to read there.
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Title: Yukimura Seiichi's Guide to Happiness for Tennis Fanatics
Author: [personal profile] anehan
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No warnings
Pairing: Atobe Keigo/Yukimura Seiichi
Summary: A chance meeting with Yukimura Seiichi has far-reaching consequences to Atobe Keigo's life.
Notes: This fic was a gift for [ profile] lechaco in the Tenipuri Cross-School Pairing Exchange.

At DW | At AO3
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i could not ask for a sweeter downfall
PG; 4092 words
Yukimura is back in town. Sanada doesn't tell the entire truth. Yanagi doesn't know everything, though he wishes he did. Uni-era fic.

Warnings: Always-a-girl!Yukimura, intention to commit adultery.
For [ profile] willowscry in [ profile] top_cagnotte, with the following prompt:

A Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi threesome with a genderbend slant with them around uni age (not required, but would be nice). I'd enjoy it if only one or two of the three have switched genders. The one girl/ two guys (or two girl/one guy depending on how you feel about it) after the same person triangle would be an interesting take on this.
My thanks to my always lovely beta, [ profile] illuminations, as well as to [personal profile] torachan and [ profile] aerielle for giving cultural pointers. Additional story notes are at the end of the fic.

DW | AO3
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Title: Getting There
Author: [personal profile] vital
Characters: Kirihara Akaya, Zaizen Hikaru, Yukimura Seiichi.
Summary: They have bigger shoes to fill than what they would have liked, and with the way things are going, he idly wonders whether they are going to be ready soon, if at all.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: General. Just some introspection about the future and a little bit of tennis from Kirihara's POV.

( The end of the U-17 camp has only ever highlighted one thing in Kirihara's eyes. )
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 (My first time posting here, please tell me if I did something wrong. ) 

Fanarts: many sketches, Fuji-centric, spoiler a bit for shintenipuri(U-17) ^^ 
teaser : Spring magic WIP

Link to my DW

Title: Be Bad Boys 2
Prince of Tennis doujinshi
Circle : Otomechika & Dragon soup
Pairing : SO MANY and they are quite rare?(For example: HiyoshixAkaya, KenyaxGakuto, ChitosexShishido, AkazawaxEiji )
Rate : PG, for violent scene
Note :It's gangster AU, take on all schools : Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji, St. Rudolph and Fudomine. I'm fairy sure you'd find someone you like here. 
(And if someone could tell me where I could find book 1 and 3, I will be eternally grateful.)

Download : 
4shared  Sample pic : myDW


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Title: Diplomatic Maneuvers
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Tezuka/Yukimura
Summary: They all know what a good game of tennis does to Yukimura's libido. So does Yukimura, for that matter. And none of them are above taking advantage of it.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Adult for smut; set in the Buchous Amok universe, which presumes that a.) several of the top players from the junior high circuit eventually go pro and b.) that they're all sleeping together. Which, hey. Why not? 2222 words.

There were things that they had all silently and mutually agreed never, ever to mention to the contingent of reporters who tended to hound their collective steps.
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Well, gathering them all in one is better than spamming this lovely comm.

Title: Plans
Autor: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: TezukaAtobe
Rating: T
Summary: How Atobe Succeeded, Tezuka had no idea.

Title: Promise me not to laugh.
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouBunta
Rating: M
Summary: Blame Niou for being so annoyingly attractive.
Warnings: Err, Niou himself is a warning, but, sex, sex-toys, yaoi.

Title: Toxic Office
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Main NiouMarui. Mentioned KaidohEiji.
Rating: M
Warnings: Yaoi. Semi-public-place-sex. Semi-noncon.

Title: You're a damn idiot.
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouMarui
Rating: T
Summary: Niou wakes up in a tub of tepid water.

Title: The mess that is Hyotei
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Adorable, Silver, Dirty
Rating: K+
Summary: A sleepover, with our dear Hyotei. Something so simple, but it is Hyotei, after all.

Title: You're annoying, but
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: KamioAkaya
Rating: K+
Summary: Akaya has annoyed Kamio all day, and the redhead gets a nightly visit.

Title: Mine
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: AkutsuAtobe
Rating: M
Summary: Akutsu finds Atobe in a rather compromising positiong.

Title: Watching the Rain
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Silver
Rating: K+
Summary: Shishido watches the rain and spots someone through the window.

Title: Soap is EVIL!
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: YuujiZaizen
Rating: K+
Summary: Yuuji and Zaizen gets into an accident. Thank the soap!

Title: Sleep
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: YanagiNiou
Rating: K+
Summary: Niou has a hard time sleeping without someone being there.

Title: Be Your Drugs
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouShiraishi
Rating: K+
Summary: Shitenhouji's class 3-B gets a sudden visit from Kanagawa.

Title: White Wings and You
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Future WakatoKajimoto (and others)
Rating: K+ (might get higher later in the story)
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]
Summary: Tennis gave him wings, but he was not allowed to have them.

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Author: Stormy1x2
Summary:  In an effort to make the youth of today respectable and responsible citizens of the future, the Education Ministry of Japan passes a rule requiring all graduates to complete a number of volunteer hours or fund-raising projects for the charity/organization of their choice. When Kamio comes face to face with a problem he can't fix by himself, tennis players from across Kanto rally to help one of their own.

Story Details:

Pairing: primarily KiriKam but has lots of others inside, some established and some being hinted at. Lots of Rikkai and Hyoutei.

Rating: Overall, PG-13 for language

Warnings: fluff, schmoop, angst, mention of past childhood traumas, lotsa slash and some het. 

Timeline: 3 years post-anime. 2nd year of highschool. Akaya/Akira - 16.

Notes: if you haven't read any of the LGO arc before, you might be a bit confused as to what's going on, but if you can accept that Akaya and Akira are a couple, Akira and An Tachibana now go to Rikkai, and Kamio's raising his little sisters, than you can read the fic with minimal problems. Also, flashbacks hinted at in the fic are being written for a future fic, where they'll be fleshed out in much more depth. You'll see what I mean when you read it.

Link goes to Master Post, Chapters 1 and 2 now posted.

Feedback is always appreciated. :D

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Title: Hearing the Ocean
Author: [personal profile] adevyish
Characters: Yanagi, Inui, other Rikkai characters
Summary: Yanagi Renji's life has two parts: Sadaharu, and after Sadaharu.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: PG, gen, 9200 words. Extra warning for math geekery. Beta'd by [ profile] xelyssa and [personal profile] thursday; concrit would be great.

“Whatever,” Inui said, smiling. “Now that we’re doubles partners forever, you have to call me ‘Sadaharu’, o.k.?”
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Title: Conjunctive Forces
Author: [personal profile] lysapadin
Characters: Yamato Yuudai, Yukimura Seiichi
Summary: Yamato is getting at something, and Yukimura is humoring him until he figures out what it might be.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: For [personal profile] jetsam on this, her birthday. Spoilers by implication for chapter nine of the new manga. 1023 words.

"If you go on thinking that hard, you'll turn your hair white."
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Title: God VS Emperor
Characters: Yukimura and Sanada
Anime/manga Series: Shin Tennis no Ohjisama
Rating: G
Summary: Tribute / fanart to the match between Sanada and Yukimura~ The match... was intense! But I was expecting more. :[!!! I didn't like the outcome. *won't say spoilers*

[ God VS Emperor ]
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Aaaaah. I haven't 'publicly' posted things I've written in a long time but I want feedback since my f-list r-page has been silent. So please be gentle? Though honest opinions are absolutely adored no matter what. lmao How do I tag Ryoga?

Title: Elevated
Author/Artist: [personal profile] teal
Characters or Pairings: Echizen Ryoga/Shishido Ryou
Summary: Shishido is caught trying to sneak into Namingway Apartments by the one person he doesn't want to see. What goes on shouldn't be much of a surprise when he's finally confronted by the angry man.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Ahaha. This pairing does exist. I can show you comic. This is...uh...a role-play universe stance on the characters. Some inappropriate touching, cursing, kissing.

( Shishido glanced in the lobby before entering... )

Title: Bones
Author/Artist: [personal profile] teal
Characters or Pairings: Kirihara Akaya (Yukimura, Marui, and Niou at end)
Summary: Kirihara has some anger issues which he takes out on the guys trying to rob him. All a plot it seems by someone closer than he thinks...
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Wrote this during a morbid moment. VIOLENCE OF THE BAD KIND. Do not read if you're squeamish.

( It was always so satisfying to hear the bones break... )

Title: Fireflies
Author/Artist: [personal profile] teal
Characters or Pairings: Kaidoh Kaoru + Fuji Syuusuke (hinted beginning KaiFuji)
Summary: Kaidoh and Fuji are at the park in the summer near nighttime. For a romantic interlude? Most likely not (for now) but instead to watch a short show put on by nature and a flight.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: Ah...bugs die. I think that's it. :'D

( Dusk was falling in the summer air rather slowly... )
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Title: Rikkaidai OT3
Characters: Sanada, Kirihara, Yanagi
Anime/manga Series: Tennis no Ohjisama (The Prince of Tennis)
Rating: G
Summary: Drew and scanned from my school planner. It came free, and the pages looked so clean, and later I found myself drawing in the first page of May.

[ Rikkaidai OT3 ]
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Title: Go, Rikkaidai!
Characters: Bronze Pair - Kurobane and Dabide
Anime/manga Series: Tennis no Ohjisama (The Prince of Tennis)
Rating: G
Summary: It's Rikkai VS Rokkaku! And it seems like Kurobane/Amane pair is pushed in the corner by Yanagi/Kirihara pair! Now the Bronze has to find a way to win the match....

[ Go, Rikkaidai! ]

Title: Responsible
Characters: Bronze Pair - Kurobane and Dabide
Anime/manga Series: Tennis no Ohjisama (The Prince of Tennis)
Rating: G
Summary: Amane and Bane talk about how responsible each of them are in a 2-panel comic strip.

[ Responsibility ]
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Characters: Oshitari, Yagyuu, Niou.
Summary Five years before the events of SoN, Oshitari and Yagyuu are studying at medical college, when the precognitive Niou Masaharu arrives to disrupt their lives.
Notes Sidestory to the Streets of Nippon cyberpunk AU, which I recommend that people read before they read this story.
Wordcount: 6500 words.
Warnings: Violence; some coarse language.
Notes: Somewhat first-drafty, especially towards the end; I welcome any concrit people may have to offer.

(That was the problem, he thought, you could never just make a suggestion to Hiroshi; you had to somehow convince him that he had thought of it all by himself, and all the better if you gave the impression that it was something you didn't want him to do, and really, Oshitari wasn't his mother, so what was with that attitude?)
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Branch presents:

The Finest Things

Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Hyoutei
Word Count: 1710

Summary: Part of the Translated arc, a samurai AU retelling. Atobe deals with some trouble among his officers.

"How badly were Taki’s forces defeated?" Tarou-sama asked, evenly, eyes on the men passing him.

"Completely," Keigo reported, keeping his voice dispassionate, no matter how much he wanted to grind his teeth with frustration. "They would have lost two out of three, had we been in the field."



Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Yukimura, Sanada
Word Count: 624

Summary: Part of the Translated arc, a samurai AU retelling. Yukimura and Sanada discuss the future a little.

Yukimura turned his head back to look up at the ceiling. "I may not be with you at Kawanakajima this time." The curve of his mouth could not be called a smile.


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