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icons created from the third volume of pairpuri

30 icons of kenya 
5 icons of kenya & yuushi
1 icon of kenya & kuranosuke
1 icon of hikaru & kenya
1 icon of hikaru & kenya, & kintarou

can be treated as bases or as icons
there is also no need to credit me, unless you really want to
and lastly, don't hotlink

on a side note, i made these because there is a serious lack of love for oshitari kenya
that and i was in the mood to create some
icons )
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Title: Getting There
Author: [personal profile] vital
Characters: Kirihara Akaya, Zaizen Hikaru, Yukimura Seiichi.
Summary: They have bigger shoes to fill than what they would have liked, and with the way things are going, he idly wonders whether they are going to be ready soon, if at all.
Notes, Warnings, and General Age Category: General. Just some introspection about the future and a little bit of tennis from Kirihara's POV.

( The end of the U-17 camp has only ever highlighted one thing in Kirihara's eyes. )
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 (My first time posting here, please tell me if I did something wrong. ) 

Fanarts: many sketches, Fuji-centric, spoiler a bit for shintenipuri(U-17) ^^ 
teaser : Spring magic WIP

Link to my DW

Title: Be Bad Boys 2
Prince of Tennis doujinshi
Circle : Otomechika & Dragon soup
Pairing : SO MANY and they are quite rare?(For example: HiyoshixAkaya, KenyaxGakuto, ChitosexShishido, AkazawaxEiji )
Rate : PG, for violent scene
Note :It's gangster AU, take on all schools : Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji, St. Rudolph and Fudomine. I'm fairy sure you'd find someone you like here. 
(And if someone could tell me where I could find book 1 and 3, I will be eternally grateful.)

Download : 
4shared  Sample pic : myDW


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Well, gathering them all in one is better than spamming this lovely comm.

Title: Plans
Autor: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: TezukaAtobe
Rating: T
Summary: How Atobe Succeeded, Tezuka had no idea.

Title: Promise me not to laugh.
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouBunta
Rating: M
Summary: Blame Niou for being so annoyingly attractive.
Warnings: Err, Niou himself is a warning, but, sex, sex-toys, yaoi.

Title: Toxic Office
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Main NiouMarui. Mentioned KaidohEiji.
Rating: M
Warnings: Yaoi. Semi-public-place-sex. Semi-noncon.

Title: You're a damn idiot.
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouMarui
Rating: T
Summary: Niou wakes up in a tub of tepid water.

Title: The mess that is Hyotei
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Adorable, Silver, Dirty
Rating: K+
Summary: A sleepover, with our dear Hyotei. Something so simple, but it is Hyotei, after all.

Title: You're annoying, but
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: KamioAkaya
Rating: K+
Summary: Akaya has annoyed Kamio all day, and the redhead gets a nightly visit.

Title: Mine
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: AkutsuAtobe
Rating: M
Summary: Akutsu finds Atobe in a rather compromising positiong.

Title: Watching the Rain
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Silver
Rating: K+
Summary: Shishido watches the rain and spots someone through the window.

Title: Soap is EVIL!
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: YuujiZaizen
Rating: K+
Summary: Yuuji and Zaizen gets into an accident. Thank the soap!

Title: Sleep
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: YanagiNiou
Rating: K+
Summary: Niou has a hard time sleeping without someone being there.

Title: Be Your Drugs
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: NiouShiraishi
Rating: K+
Summary: Shitenhouji's class 3-B gets a sudden visit from Kanagawa.

Title: White Wings and You
Author: [personal profile] queensweets 
Pairing: Future WakatoKajimoto (and others)
Rating: K+ (might get higher later in the story)
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]
Summary: Tennis gave him wings, but he was not allowed to have them.


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