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Note: I'm not a mod of this exchange, just signal boosting.

Prince of Tennis Christmas Exchange 2016 XMAS OUJI is a Christmas fanworks exchange for the Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ouji-sama series. More details at the linked page!

Prince of Tennis Christmas Exchange 2016

XMAS OUJI is a Christmas fanworks exchange for the Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ouji-sama series. More details and sign-up on Tumblr!

  • sign-ups close: nov 6

  • assignments sent: nov 11

  • works due: dec 20

  • pinch-hitting/extensions: dec 20-25

  • works revealed: dec 25

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Karura --named for the enormous divine bird guardian-- is a ship to hold a generation. Moving between star systems, it offers its residents employment, adventure and a place to call home. After all, not everyone believes the sky is the limit.

Karura is a new TeniPuri RPG based in space. The game platform is Dreamwidth. We open on October 1st. What is your place in the universe? .... [community profile] karurarpg.
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Rules | FAQ | Schedule | Sign Up | Mod Contact

Calling all artists, writers, cosplayers, and other sports-anime obsessed creatives.

Dust off your sleeves this summer, because we’ve got the event for you. The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics (SASO) is a summer prompt-based shipping challenge for all sports anime and manga fandoms. Fans form teams around their favorite ships and canons, and then compete in prompt-based challenges to show off how awesome their ship/fandom is.

Everything from fanfiction & fanart to games, recipes, graphic design, cosplay, videos, coding/programming, and voice acting are welcome. Come join us. We’re here for everyone.

Sign-ups are open now! So what are you waiting for? Read the rules. Make noise and gather people to your team. Follow us for further updates.

Most of all, get. Pumped.

Spend your summer practicing your backhand: join the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics.

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Underdogs' 10th Anniversary Contest

As I unexpectedly need to be out of town this weekend with uncertain internet access, I went ahead and posted the Art Submission form on the contest page. You are now welcome to submit your fanworks to the contest.

In addition, I finally fixed the main site's RSS feed and have added both to DW for those of you interested on seeing updates straight on your reading page: [syndicated profile] underdogs_feed and [syndicated profile] underdogsfic_feed.

See you on the flipside!
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A quick primer for those who are new(er) to the fandom: Underdogs is a fandom-friendly open fanwork/media archive focusing on students from Fudoumine Jr. High. Anyone is welcome to submit their works to the archive at any point in time. We've now been around in various forms, places, and states of being-updated-ness for nearly ten years now, and are always open to submissions of fanfiction, fanart, other types of fanworks and Fudoumine-related media. It's recently gone under a major facelift with some new content and other fun stuff, with plenty more on the way. I'm aiming to start updating it again at least once a month, but it depends entirely on fans like you to bring fresh new content, so updates happen when there are things to update with ;)

The fiction archive spent about a year offline due to server issues and lack of time to reset everything, but is now back in action and has been completely restored, so all of the old members are still there and old fiction is still archived.

That said, Underdogs was first opened on September 24, 2004 and is now approaching its 10th anniversary online. In tune with that, we will shortly be holding an open fanfic/art contest with plenty of fantastic prizes. The contest will begin in about one week, running from March 15-April 15. For all other information related to the contest, please click the banner below.

Underdogs' 10th Anniversary Contest

Please spread the word! I'd love for this to work out fantastically :)

Other Possible Projects

I've been thinking about doing a few ongoing projects to help keep the site alive and generating new content, including an online Fudoumine-centric doujinshi anthology. The idea is to compile a set of works including comics, pinup art, and illustrated fiction set to a theme and release it all as a single "volume". If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, or would like to read, please vote in the poll featured on Underdogs' main page.

Another project I'd started years ago but never managed to finish for various personal reasons was the introduction of FSTs - Fan Sound Tracks - to the site. The original project signup post was here for more information on how that worked. Although the first project had a deadline, I'm thinking this one would be ongoing. A poll will probably go up sometime in the near future. Tell me your thoughts?

Community Projects/etc

I've been considering reinstating the themed fanwork challenges and ficathons [ profile] fudo_courts used to have--whether weekly or monthly or whatever. If there's enough interest, I'll go ahead and do it :) Let me know in the comments!

Crossposted to various places.
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[ not the challenge mod -- just signal boosting ]

There's a new tenipuri fic/art exchange on LiveJournal: [ profile] funpotexchange! It's a general exchange, not limited to a particular school, pairing, or theme.

Sign-ups: Thursday January 12- Tuesday January 31st Midnight PST.
Assignments sent: Friday February 3rd.
Check-in: March 15 Midnight PST
All Work Due: April 1, 2012 MIDNIGHT PST
Posting Begins: April 3rd.

More info and rules | Sign Up

Check it out! It should be fun. :)


Jan. 1st, 2012 04:22 pm
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Happy New Year!

I'm here to pimp yet another TeniPuri kink meme! It can be found over here, and we've got a few prompts ready for filling already.

Let's all have a great year ahead!
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[community profile] drive_a is a big bang for the Prince of Tennis fandom. Writers and artists will collaborate in teams to produce 20 000 words of fanfiction as well as related artwork/vids/other forms of fanwork.

Sign-ups are open now for artists, writers, and beta readers as well as general volunteers. Rough drafts will be due on November 14 and final projects will be due when posting begins in late January 2010.

for more information:
rules and information post
call for volunteers
writer/artist/beta sign-ups
team lists and team match-ups - for participants who are looking for other artists/writers/betas to work with


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