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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Atobe, so, speculation. Something [personal profile] branchandroot said in her response to my questions in my post about the Atobe family's financial situation about a year ago suddenly pinged me a little while ago. She called Atobe's father "a bit of a maverick" and clarified it with this:

Mostly because business has long equalled politics, in Japan and elsewhere, and Atobe-tou married a foreigner. That's... kind of a radical thing to be doing among those with clout, even today.

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I'd like to invite you to talk about the Atobes' financial situation, specifically from the manga point of view (because I can't remember much anything about the anime).

I think it is generally agreed that the Atobes are pretty rich, but how rich is that? And what is the source of their fortune? There is the Atobe Sports Gym in vol. 28 of the manga, but surely that is not all? What else do they own? Is there an Atobe keiretsu?

Atobe Keigo went to elementary school in the UK. How does that come into the picture? Was it a boarding school, or was he there with his parents?

Inquiring minds want to hear your knowledge or speculation.
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So I let these things drop. Oh well, let's try again. This time, only a short commentary on one volume.

Before we start, a note about the poll last time: no one minds spoilers, so spoil away!

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It's time for the first discussion post in our manga readthrough. But let's start with a poll.

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Please remember that our Prince of Tennis manga readthrough will begin this week. I will post the first discussion post on Friday, and it will cover volumes 1-3.
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There seems to be at least some interest in holding a manga readthrough this summer, so we'll go forward with it and see what happens. The readthrough will start at the beginning of June.

The majority of the voters wanted us to cover two volumes a week, but as that would mean we'd be at it still in late October, I made an executive decision to cover three volumes a week. That way we'll be finished by the beginning of September. There will be a discussion post on Fridays, beginning on 3 June.

Are these details okay with you all? We can still change them if necessary.

Those who don't have access to the manga, please see here (requires you to be a member of this community).
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I thought that it might be fun to have a Prince of Tennis manga readthrough this summer. Thus, a poll! NB: Not having access to the manga at the moment won't be a problem.

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